Last week Marilu McQuilkin and I joined Auto Remarketing senior editor Joe Overby for Episode 5 of the Auto Remarketing Podcast to talk about the upgrades to Used Car Week, which has a brand-new logo and a simplified format (read: confusion-free registration process) that packs a punch.

Plus, we discover that Marilu is a C-SPAN dork, Joe loves “Star Wars” and I invented the phrase “great drinking.” Download and subscribe to the Auto Remarketing Podcast on iTunes or on Google Play. You can also listen to the latest episode in the window below.

In case you’re a visual learner, like me, here are graphics to offer assistance as you listen to the episode and our explanations of the upgrades and improvements.


The new UCW logo was designed to represent the circular nature of our industry and weave in elements of the four major topic-specific conferences and the annual NAAA Convention. The UCW icon signifies our mission to educate, connect and advance individuals and businesses working in the automotive industry.


The new registration format gives you flexibility to “choose your own adventure” and delve deeper into your areas of interest while promoting cross-learning to increase understanding and engagement throughout the industry. We did away with our complex rubik’s cube registration and updated it to a simple and easy to navigate process where you will choose to register for either the 1st Block, 2nd Block or both with all access registration.


An original desert hideaway at the foot of the spectacular Santa Rosa Mountains, La Quinta Resort & Club has been the personal refuge for Hollywood luminaries and world travelers [and their pets] since 1926. Now UCW and NAAA participants will have the pleasure to enjoy this beautiful and lush 45-acre resort. Click here to make a reservation.

As I mention on the podcast, we want to hear from you about the challenges and pain-points you’d like our agenda to address. Share your challenges with our team by leaving a comment on this blog post or tweeting us @UsedCarWeek. Please also join the conversation on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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