July 18, 2017

I’m a fan of an underrated comedy, and one that I’ll stop and watch almost any time it’s on cable is “This is 40.”

Part of why the movie works is because its two co-stars, Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, are seemingly “ordinary” folks.

Each of them seem like the next-door type, both in this movie and in others.

But the approachable, affable characters these two always seem to play overshadows what’s really going on: Mann and Rudd are hilarious and incredibly talented comedic actors with depth and range.

The fact that they often play the average Joe/Jane, “ordinary” character makes us forget the fact that they’re, in fact, extraordinary.

The same goes for the corporate world.

You know the folks you say hello to every day in the office hallway, see regularly at conferences or correspond with over email?

While the interaction itself and some of the day-to-day grind of work may seem “ordinary,” what many of them (and YOU!) are doing is, in fact, extraordinary.

And unlike Mann’s and Rudd’s characters in “This is 40,” many of these folks are actually 39 or younger.

Which brings us to an upcoming edition of Auto Remarketing: our third annual “Remarketing & Used-Car Industry’s 40 Under 40.”

This is a chance for us to spotlight the many young professionals under the age of 40 who are taking leadership roles in the auto industry and impacting the remarketing and used-car business.

In a special section of the Sept. 1 issue of AR, we will be bringing you their stories and the paths to success they forged at such young ages.

This issue will showcase the current- and next-generation leaders of the business who are making big differences in the industry and at their companies.

So take a minute and brainstorm: who are the extraordinary young people you see in the office, at conferences and working their craft in the used-car business?

Once you’ve done that, go to the website below and nominate them for this honor:

The deadline to submit nominations is July 28, so don’t delay too long.

And as a side note, I know that in an industry full of them, this may seem like just another award.

But consider some of the reaction we received when we notified the honorees in our inaugural edition two years ago.

That day, I pressed “send” on the email to our recipients.

It wasn’t even five minutes later that I got the first response back. Then another. And another, and another. It went on like that for a while.

As a magazine editor, this was awesome; folks in my line of work love quick responses. But that wasn’t the best part.

See, it wasn’t that people responded, it was how they responded to earning 40 Under 40 recognition.

Just a few examples:

  • “Wow! Thank you!”
  • “This is quite an honor, and I’ll be honest, I’m shocked.”
  • “ … wow this is amazing, thank you!”
  • “Thank you for such great news!

It was touching to know that this award is meaningful and impactful to some of the very people who are making a significant impact in the industry.

Their reactions made an ordinary task extraordinarily humbling.

AR's 40 Under 40 2017 Nominations