• UCW2017 Mobile App

With just 27 days before Used Car Week begins, now’s the time for you to plan out your schedule by taking a look at the mobile app, available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, sponsored by ACV Auctions. We’re beyond pleased that ACV Auctions chose to sponsor the mobile app, as we believe their company’s model and mission match the spirit of Used Car Week app’s utility and convenience.

Founded in 2014 and based in Buffalo, N.Y., ACV Auctions is an advanced mobile platform allowing used-car dealers to view, bid on and purchase inventory via online auctions. These live auctions, conducted on franchise lots, last just 20 minutes, eliminating any need to transport cars to an off-site auction block and saving dealers’ time and money. It’s easy to use and facilitates fast-paced transactions.

The platform’s convenient nature extends beyond timeliness. Every vehicle listed by an ACV inspector includes a comprehensive condition report, providing bidders with everything from fluid levels and OBD-II scans to tire tread depths and dozens of hi-res photos. With ACV Auctions, dealers know exactly what they are buying.

“ACV Auctions is to car auctions what broadband was to dialup: a superior experience by every measure,” ACV Auctions CEO George Chamoun said in an official release.

ACV Auctions hopes to become the most trusted source in the auto industry for purchasing wholesale vehicles. By utilizing mobile tech to its maximum potential, their product modernizes the entire arc of auction operations, from managing accounts and titles to facilitating logistics and arbitration.

Used Car Week admires the innovative stance ACV Auctions has taken, and their sponsorship of our mobile app shows their devotion to mobile technology, as well as their commitment to streamlining the future of the used-car industry.

Once you download the Used Car Week 2017 mobile app, you’ll be able to sign up and create your profile, then access the mobile agenda. The mobile agenda allows you to see what’s happening when, with color-coded highlighting letting you know which events are relevant to you and your convention experience. As you narrow down your favorites, you can bookmark them with your profile, syncing your personalized schedule to your phone, computer and other mobile devices.

Again, we’re glad to have ACV Auctions on board for Used Car Week!


To learn more about ACV Auctions, visit their website.