It’s the final countdown. Just five days until Used Car Week 2017. Are you ready? Are you emotionally prepared for your journey? Can you even right now?

Regardless of whether or not you’re catatonic with joyful anticipation, you should take note of these six quick need-to-know bits of info.

1. Registration

First things first. The registration desk, sponsored by AutoCheck, will introduce you to the wonderful world of Used Car Week 2017. It’s located in foyer of the Flores Ballroom outside of the Expo Hall, so you can’t miss it. There, you’ll be handed your welcome bag, the indispensable conference notebook and your name badge (sponsored during First Block by Primeritus Financial Services and Second Block by NAAA). All you need to do is walk up to one of the lovely ladies at the desk and provide your last name. Simple as that.

2. Mobile App

You may have heard through our email correspondence that Used Car Week 2017 has a dedicated mobile app, sponsored by ACV Auctions. Have you already downloaded it? If not, we urge you with this friendliest of reminders to download the app. You can find it on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Along with the ability to create a personalized schedule, using the mobile app will keep you in the know with important onsite announcements, speaker updates, event notifications, any potential room changes and other fun news. You’ll receive emails from us originating from, so be sure to whitelist that address.

3. Social Media

Join the bustling conversation around Used Car Week by taking advantage of social media opportunities. Use the hashtag #UsedCarWeek to generate some buzz for the event, and you’ll wind up on the Social Media Wall, sponsored by ADESA. Find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and other platforms at the simple handle, @UsedCarWeek.

You can start now by visiting the Used Car Week social page right now! Check out the hype already churning and even take our quick vocab and trivia quiz to brush up on the hot topics sure to receive attention over the course of the week.

Speaking of brushing up…

4. Podcasts

The Auto Remarketing Podcast, hosted by Auto Remarketing Senior Editor Joe Overby and SubPrime Auto Finance News & BHPH Report Senior Editor Nick Zulovich, serves as a fabulous jumping-off point for prepping yourself for the conversations we’ll have at Used Car Week 2017. For one, the boys always speak with industry leaders who always have something relevant to say. Secondly, many of their guests will be sponsoring and speaking at UCW 2017, from Grace Huang and Nick Peluso of Cox Automotive to MBSi Corp’s Cort DeHart and DRN’s Jeremiah Wheeler, a two-time guest.

5. Headshot Café

Are you tired of your headshot? Were you having a bad hair day? Is it a decade old? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. The Headshot Café, sponsored by IAA, is our complimentary gift to you as an attendee, providing you with a new, downloadable professional portrait for your use. Make sure you swing by, looking so fresh and so clean.

On that note…

6. Attire

Imagine Paradise. How would you pack for a business trip there? That should give you an idea of how to line up your wardrobe for Used Car Week.

Five days out, the forecast in La Quinta throughout next week shows highs in the mid-80s with partly sunny to partly cloudy skies and zero chance of precipitation. So think Summer Business Casual, with a few nice outfits for your headshot and the evening receptions, if you care to dress to the nines.

And don’t bother with an umbrella — save that room for your swimsuit and sunscreen.

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