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Yes, employees make a company — that’s true. But only when a workplace is supportive, inspiring, organized and inclusive will employees truly rise to their full potential.

In other words, a workplace environment can make or break a job, regardless of the potential of that employees. Good managers beget good employees — and therefore, great future leaders.

This is as true in the automotive workplace as any other; perhaps even more so, given the demands and stress that often accompanies jobs in the lanes or on the lots.

With that in mind, Auto Remarketing launched its Best Auto Auctions to Work For survey program, sponsored by Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services (CARS Recon Inc.), in 2016. Now in its third year, the program is a free workplace study for the auto auction industry that recognizes the best auto auctions to work for.

Top locations in the program are recognized in the Sept. 15 issue of Auto Remarketing, as well as during the NRC + NAAA event at Used Car Week — at a celebratory breakfast hosted by CARS Recon Inc. on Thursday morning, Nov. 15. During the event, certificates will be on display honoring each of the top auction locations, and a looping presentation will highlight the results of the survey.

As aforementioned, the well-being of any businesses’ employees defines the success of the organization as a whole. With that in mind, one of the largest benefits to participating in the survey program is the opportunity to learn more about employee satisfaction and potential areas for improvement.

The statistics and averages provided through survey results also work to inform the auction industry as a whole, regarding ways the business can evolve to better serve its dedicated employees.

Speaking of auction evolution — the auto auction industry, in particular, seems like it is changing almost daily, reaching to meet the new demands of today’s buyers. Think digital auto auctions, mobile apps, and more, all ways to help buyers and sellers more conveniently and efficiently address inventory on the go.

Bricks-and-mortar auctions are the foundation of the industry, but digital auto auctions such as TradeRev, OVE, ACV Auctions and OPENLANE, among many others, have been growing in popularity as more buyers turn to the Web to acquire used cars for their lots.

And the digital auction, of course, requires a different set of employees than physical facilities, with unique skill sets, as well.  That’s why Auto Remarketing decided this year to include digital auctions in the workplace survey program for the first time. And the Sept. 15 issue of the magazine offers further insight from some of the leading execs of today’s top digital auctions.

At Used Car Week, to be held Nov. 12-16 in Scottsdale, Ariz., we will cover a variety of aspects of the auction business — including disruptive and innovative new technologies. See some of the offerings on tap below for auction execs, or check out our full agenda:

These, and many more sessions during Used Car Week will address the ever-changing and evolving auto auction industry. But as the business changes, there are many things that still stay the same: customer service, the emphasis on business relationships, and of course, the desire to meet customers where they are — be that in the lanes, in the lots or online.

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