• Used Car Week 2017 Attendees List

So, you’ve seen the emails. You’ve seen the ads. And maybe you’ve checked out the Used Car Week website.

But for those of you who still aren’t sure you fit the profile of an attendee at Used Car Week — let me help change your mind.

How, you ask? Well, because, if you work in the automotive industry — or if your position touches the auto biz at all, for that matter — then you already fit the criteria of a professional that is likely to benefit from attending one of the Used Car Week events.

And if you need a reminder, that’s the Auto Fin Con, Repo Con, Pre-Owned Con, and NRC + NAAA — or the whole week-long shebang!

Don’t believe me? Then peruse our 2017 attendee list, which includes 1,477 professionals from across a broad range of automotive sectors.

So, let’s take a look at UCW attendance by industry. Last year’s group included vendors, auctioneers, lenders, franchised dealers, OEMs, independent dealers and fleet/lease professionals. See your “people” yet?

No? Need to drill down further? OK. Last year, the highest attendance by job title were high-level execs — making for some pretty epic networking opportunities. Twenty-four percent of total attendees included managers or senior managers; next in line were directors and senior directors, who comprised 20 percent of the UCW group. And exec-level leaders came in at 18 percent. Are you a VP or senior VP? Don’t worry; you’ll be in good company, as well. Last year, 13 percent of attendees fell into this category.

Dealers, take note! We didn’t forget you. In fact, the team at Used Car Week actively recruits dealers every year, and works to provide actionable insights and valuable takeaways for our dealer attendees. We know it takes a lot for you to step away from the busy day-to-day operations of the dealership. But many of your peers think it’s worth it! Last year, 10 percent of Used Car Week attendees were dealers. Check out the attendee list, and see if you know any of your dealer peers that attended last year. Then, pick their brains … the next step? Claim your FREE registration and take a much-needed break in Scottsdale with us! **All you need to do to get registered is email our dealer coordinator Lisa White. Yes, it’s that easy! 

So, does this seem like a group you might want to be a part of this year? Well, you better act fast, because the 2018 attendee list, sponsored by MVTRAC, will be released on Oct. 3. To make sure your name is among this year’s automotive leaders at Used Car Week, you will need to register this week! And registering before Oct. 16 will also save you $300 dollars — early bird registration lasts through mid-October.

But wait! Before registering, you need to figure out which block you would like attend. The first block of Used Car Week — the Pre-Owned Con, Auto Fin Con and Repo Con — brought 643 attendees together last year, ranging from forwarders, lenders and OEMs, to dealers, digital marketers, fleet/lease professionals and more. The second block, NRC + NAAA, garnered 834 attendees, including remarketers, the country’s auto-auction leaders, insurance exes, and you guessed it — a lot more. Attend one, or both, to get a full picture of today’s auto industry and what’s in store for 2019 and beyond.

Used Car Week 2017 Attendee Overview

The bottom line? Used Car Week attendees are as diverse as they are integral to the automotive industry. And if you’ve been in the auto biz long enough, you know how the individual auto sectors are often deeply intertwined.

For example, you can’t run an auction or dealership these days without utilizing a vehicle history report or inspection company. And many dealerships are seeing heightened success through integrations with digital marketing companies, chat solutions, social media firms and more. And, of course, forwarders, lenders and credit bureaus are all integrally connected.

Convinced you belong at Used Car Week?

Register now, and don’t miss the chance to network with the industry’s leaders, and ensure your name makes it on to that 2018 attendee list! You never know what opportunities may arise, and/or which Used Car Week attendee might just be your next client or partner.