You may have seen our blog post announcing the very first Dealer Training Tuesday for Used Car Week earlier this summer. And if not, you are about to get the full lowdown — including new content and speakers for our FIRST full day of dealer training at Used Car Week.

Jonathan Dawson, Founder/President, Sellchology

Dealer Training can be essential to auto retail stores’ success and growth, or both. But it can also be expensive and time consuming, rendering it inaccessible to many dealerships and sales staff. But that changes this fall in Vegas! Used Car Week is bringing some of the industry’s top Dealer Trainers together for a day of sharing insight, strategies and tips to bring your dealership forward into 2020. The best part? Auto dealers are invited to attend the first block of Used Car Week, including Dealer Training Tuesday, free of charge!

Still interested? OK. See below for DTT highlights from our UCW 2019 agenda, published this past week: 


  • Sellchology General Session, Jonathan Dawson, Founder/President, Sellchology
  • Top 7  ‘I’ Ways for Used Car Managers to Strengthen and Succeed in Today’s Disrupted Marketplace; Laurie Foster, Founding Partner, Foster Strategies Group: Your career matters! This unique workshop is designed exclusively to further your impact (or your UCM) and influence at your store…and beyond.  We will take immediate action in this session to set the stage for your success as a UCM leader in your department, in your store, and the automotive community at large! It’s nearly 2020 — time to focus on your future success. Laurie says, “Join us as we cut through the noise and create a path on our ‘I’ Way to ensure your UCM is the best in your market!”

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  • DIY Inventory? A checklist for Excellent Opps; Todd Price National Operations Manager, Dominion Dealer Specialties: How to manage your inventory from cradle to grave in six steps. According to a recent study, the DIY world is expected to be worth north of $13.9 billion by 2021. This phenomenon is being embraced across the U.S. because it gives people the opportunity to be creative and proudly share their creations online, all while sparing little to no expense.
  • How to Dominate Your Used Car Market: Master Inventory Management & Used-Car Marketing to Build Your Competitive Advantage & Drive More Profits; Eric Miltsch, Co-Founder, Director of Marketing, Dealer Teamwork: This highly informative and engaging session will help dealers improve their inventory management, pricing processes, and recon processes. Attendees will also learn the key tactics and strategies that improve used-car marketing while including the best ways to stop wasted ad spend. Dealers will get actionable take-aways and valuable resources to continuously improve their dealership results. Learn about the real-world activities that helped a dealership become the #1 independent used-car store in the U.S. for three years in a row!
  • SuperGross; James Boening, AlphaTeam & Ourisman Automotive, Founder/Dealer Operator: Retrain your thought process on how you define gross for pre owned cars. Set a culture in place that is completely unorthodox pertaining to pay, and get linear focus on CPO. Boening will help retrain your thought process, focus on CPO, and get all variable managers to work together.

Laurie Foster, Founding Partner, Foster Strategies Group


  • How to make your Used-Car Department Efficient, High Performing and Profitable; Robert Grill, Senior Partner Development Manager, CARFAX: You will walk away from this session with real world best practices to run a profitable used-car department. We will cover the complete process — from acquiring inventory, through the reconditioning process, to pricing and listing your inventory online — as well as, how to manage aging inventory and minimizing wholesale loss. No nonsense. No BS. No blowing up the budget! We will teach you how to do it through a simple process with proven formula guidelines that are easy to understand and follow.
  • GP Sandy Dealer Training workshop; Benjamin Abrahams, director — training/accounts, GP Sandy;  Tom Craig, Associate Director, GP Sandy
  • Your Customers Expect a Different Experience, So Deliver It!; Jeff Risner, Co-founder and CEO, The Appraisal Lane: Consumers appreciate Amazon because Amazon listens and delivers.  The auto industry, however, ignores the experience today’s car buyers want. We offer a challenging and confusing trade-in process.  We reskin old processes instead of implementing new processes that make customers happy.  We generate leads instead of creating an exceptional customer experience.  Yes, adaptation is challenging when you interact with consumers every five or six years, but it has never been more important.  It’s time to evolve or get left behind.  Automotive customers want a transparent, connected, and consistent process. There’s a new expectation in town. It’s time to deliver.
  • The Importance of the First 30; Jasen Rice, owner, LotPop.:Top dealerships that are able to make gross and volume sell 60-70% of their sales come from zero- to 30-day-old cars. So if dealers can manage that, it has a huge trickle down effect on other things that need to be managed to accomplish this. It effects stocking the right cars, getting through service fast enough, getting photo’d and online faster, not having aged inventory and pricing better from day one.

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