As past attendees of Used Car Week know well, the event’s primary goal is to bring all corners of the automotive industry together. And that means addressing all steps of the lifecycle in the automotive process, from retail and finance, to remarketing and recovery. How, you may ask? Well, the first block of Used Car Week is comprised of the Pre-Owned Con, Auto Fin Con and Repo Con, while the second block is comprised of the National Remarketing Conference (NRC), covering all aspects of the auto remarketing biz, from physical auctions to online sales and more. That’s how!

What’s this year’s biggest auto-retail draw? Dealers, listen up. Our first Dealer training Tuesday is scheduled for Nov. 12 during the Pre-Owned Conference, sponsored by DealernSpecialties, and the lineup has just been finalized! Check out the agenda for DTT, which provides a full day of training for auto sales professionals. Hear from names in the biz like Jonathan Dawson, Founder/President, Sellchology;  Eric Miltsch, Co-Founder, Director of Marketing, Dealer Teamwork, and many more.

Anne Holtzman, Senior Vice President, Claims & Recovery, Allied Solutions

Interested in auto finance? 

Then perhaps the Auto fin Con, sponsored by DRN And Allied Solutions, might be more your speed. Highlights from this conference include workshop from Anne Holtzman, Senior Vice President, Claims & Recovery, Allied Solutions, focusing on developing compliant product refund strategies. In this day and age, lenders need to be sure their business is equipped with best practices to ensure this process is managed quickly and transparently. This session will discuss strategies for lenders to implement as they look ahead to 2020.

Holtzman will also take part in a panel with Jeremiah Wheeler, Executive Vice President & GM | FinTech at DRN, and other auto finance experts, as well as the DRN and Allied Solutions annual Peer to Peer Session, the Excellence in Risk Management Roundtable Breakfast for creditors.

Other highlights from the Auto fin Con include:

  • A keynote from Marguerite Watanabe, President of Connections Insights and  Andrew Stuart | President and CEO, TD Auto Finance.
  • A panel exploring what’s next for auto finance, led by Anil Goyal, Executive Vice President, Operations, Black Book. The panel will also include: Bill Jones, CEO and President, Regional Acceptance Corp.; and Executive Vice President, Manager of BB&T Dealer Retail Services; Andrew Stuart | President and CEO, TD Auto Finance and more.

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Is Recovery Your Business?

The Repo Con, presented by Millennium Capital and Recovery, will touch on all aspects of the recovery business, including compliance, analytics, AI, best practices, industry trends and more.

Jeffrey Marsh, Chief Managing Officer and Executive VP, Millennium Capital and Recovery

Repo Con highlights include a panel led by  Jeffrey Marsh, Chief Managing Officer and Executive VP, Millennium Capital and Recovery. that will focus on optimizing both performance and compliance in 2020. The key to success for large, national, high-volume lenders today, according to Marsh, is having vendor-partners who can provide a comprehensive solution: delivering top performance and highest compliance standards at the same time. This panel will also include recovery experts Justin Zane, KAR Auction Services | Recovery Database Network; and Jim Vagim, CEO of United Auto Credit Corporation, among other industry experts.

Later in the conference, Marsh will also lead a panel, titled, “Recovery Management Ushers in New Era: Exploring Standardization, Compliance & New Tech.” Economists and other experts are trying to get a reading on whether a recession is on the horizon, and with it the possibility of a slowdown that could include job losses and an increase in repossessions. This session will focus on how firms can ensure they are prepared for a potential rise in repossessions after overall levels have remained somewhat steady for several years. This panel also includes Terry Groves, Co-founder, SVP Sales, Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems; Jose Mendiola, President, ALS Resolvion; Claudia Plascencia, Senior Vice President, Del Mar Recovery Solutions; Drew Shull, VP, Sales, Client Relations, PAR North America; and Mike Thomas, CEO, Primeritus.

Stay tuned to Used Car Week as we head toward November, and release more key details of our 2019 events!

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