What pushes the pre-owned auto industry along? What makes a difference in the remarketing industry? What leaders, movements, progress or changes can usher in the next generation of technology, leadership, and innovation?

That’s what Used Car Week 2019, Nov. 11-15 at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, aims to explore with the cutting edge dealers, dealer trainers, digital auction companies, digital retailing experts and more that we have on tap for speaking roles throughout the week in Vegas.

Michael Bor, Founder/CEO, CarLotz

For example, a highlight of the 20th anniversary of the National Remarketing Conference (NRC) will be the new Digitization of the Wholesale Auto Remarketing Process panel, featuring experts on the edge of the evolution of auto remarketing and the next horizon of the wholesale auto  process.

The panel, led by Joe Overby, Senior Editor at Cherokee Media Group, is designed to show attendees where they may be selling and buying their vehicles next. We will also be highlighting the next decade of wholesale technology with execs from leading companies exploring wholesale potential.

Panelists include: Michael Bor, Founder/CEO, CarLotz; Osman Heggi, CEO, Winfooz; and Jason McClenahan, President, EBlock.

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Further explore auction trends later in the week during the Auction Trends & Technology for Remarketers and Beyond panel, led by UCW Chair Bill Zadeits, including execs from AuctionEdge, Cox Automotive, TradeRev, ACV Auctions and SmartAuction.

Online auctions are becoming even more advanced and efficient. Wholesale giants are launching all-digital auctions, mitigating safety challenges, among additional benefits. And new technology is making it easier to buy and sell wholesale vehicles online — and in the physical auction lanes. This panel will take a look at the newest technology fueling the auction industry from large legacy players to growing companies in the remarketing arena.

George Chamoun, CEO, ACV Auctions

Another way Used Car Week is tackling the future of the remarking and pre-owned retail business is looking to the next big thing in the industry, or what dealers and auto professionals can’t do without in the next five to 10 years.  During the Pre-Owned Con, Nov. 11-13, sponsored by Dealer Specialities, we aim to do just that through offerings like the new Dealer Training Tuesday.

Explore the Dealer Training Tuesday agenda further, free for auto dealers.

A headliner of the new event, which offers a full day of sales training, tips and strategies from the country’s top dealer trainers, is Shane Marcum, Vice President, Dealer Specialties. He will be touching on potentially one of those aforementioned “next big things.” His keynote session, “Are Vehicle Condition Reports Becoming a Requirement?” will uncover never-before-seen research on public facing vehicle condition reports and why consumers are obsessing over them. Additionally, we will cover some fascinating trends on the used-car market with Cross-Sell data and explain where the tide is changing.

New to Used Car Week? The full event is scheduled for Nov. 11-15 at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. The first block, Nov. 11-13, of the conference is made up of the Pre-Owned Con, the Auto Fin Con, and the Repo Con. The second block, the National Remarketing Conference, is held Nov. 13-15. Learn more.  

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