In last year’s Popcorn Report, Dave Kennedy gave everyone a strategic look ahead into 2019 and what he expected would happen across the loss mitigation industry from a recovery perspective.  Well, a year later, we can tell that his popcorn popping skills are pretty good as nearly every single prediction came true.

In this year’s Popcorn Report, Dave and his team of prognosticators will first share an inside view of all the initiatives that have been building throughout 2019 and how the predictions from last year have affected our industry.  Then, with the bar set high, Dave will give his predictions for what will happen across our industry in 2020.

As President of ARA, Dave has been leading the charge to see the establishment of universally-accepted standards that serve the entire industry well, and to build positive synergy between lenders, forwarders and the repossession community.  Our individual and collective success will happen faster when all stakeholders work together to add value to each other and our clients.

Get ready to hear about how things will POP in the next 12 months and position your team to work successfully with the Collateral Recovery Industry led by ARA.