Auto lenders that are not leveraging the data goldmine that exists in their own loan portfolio are leaving real money on the table. This workshop will provide insights on how to pick that money up and put it in their pocket!  It’s no exaggeration to say that just about every industry in the world has been transformed in some way by the data revolution. The ways in which data can be analyzed and used to improve business outcomes is virtually limitless. Properly harnessed, data can help find and rate new business opportunities, streamline workflows, identify and reduce risk, predict future trends, enhance employee engagement, and on and on.  In this workshop, we will share real methods for auto-finance companies to identify their own loan portfolio data to improve financial performance and drive growth.


  • Identify the most profitable borrowers within your loan portfolio and specifically target those buyers.
  • Use your loan portfolio data to determine changes in borrower behavior and mitigate adverse behaviors and characteristics to improve overall portfolio performance.
  • Identify opportunities and partnerships for data collection that may already be part of your daily business process.