This workshop will be sharing insights into how the auto-finance industry is facing the challenges of regulatory compliance, leveraging emerging technologies and addressing increases in service-level requirements for suppliers through the use of business analytics and software solutions. The session will also discuss how companies can gain efficiencies when repossessing and liquidating vehicles without compromising portfolio performance or compliance. Terry Groves, Co-founder, Senior VP Sales, Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems, brings more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software solutions and supply-chain management, including spending the last 15 years leveraging his skills in providing managed services for repossession and remarketing to captives, banks, credit unions and subprime-finance companies.


  • Discussing the top challenges of the auto-finance industry
  • Utilizing business analytics to improve repossession and remarketing performance
  • The evolution of technology
  • The future of the repossession and remarketing industry