As retail demand shifts to used cars, e-commerce and omnichannel models are slowly but steadily challenging the benefits of market-based incumbency for retailers as they see Carvana delivering next day in 100+ markets and CarMax lay plans to go omnichannel this year.  The heretofore advantages of location, location, location for local retailers are under assault as respected automotive analysts like McKinsey & Company predict that by the year 2030, as much as 50% of used car sales will be conducted online. This session will show how expanding certified marketing and CPO vehicle sales offer a way for dealers to retain in-market buyers and conquest out of market buyers.


  • Why maximizing the used sales opportunity is critical in this changing environment
  • What product features and marketing elements drive the used vehicle buyer in today’s market
  • How to organize a go-to-market strategy which cuts through the clutter and differentiates your inventory to the used car shopper today