Learn how to optimize both performance and compliance in 2020. The key to success for large, national, high-volume lenders today is having vendor-partners who can provide a comprehensive solution: delivering top performance and highest compliance standards at the same time.

This means working with national providers who maximize loss recovery, while also meeting rigorous compliance expectations without fail, and those who can provide complete visibility and control over the fourth-party recovery agents. You will learn how to put together a comprehensive solution in this session that optimizes both performance and compliance. You will get a glimpse of best practices and industry trends among high volume, national lenders.


  • Fourth-party Agent Visibility & Control: How to get complete visibility and control through your national providers of al fourth-party recovery agents in their networks. Learn how to get the most out of your national providers while getting all the access you need to fourth-party agent due diligence documentation and oversight.
  • Lender Scorecards: Once ruled solely by recovery rates and days-to-repo, today’s lender scorecards have become much more balanced, measuring performance and compliance. And more complex scoring researches a multitude of criteria, especially those with direct consumer impact. Learn best practices and trends regarding where scorecards are headed.
  • Outlier Focus: Learn how a focus on outliers help drives superior compliance.