In this session, learn what kind of shoppers are visiting your website, what activities they are performing and where they are coming from. Through proprietary event tracking technology, we have uncovered a world of invisible shoppers who are not showing up in your CRM systems, but are 4x more likely to buy a vehicle from you. We will discuss how to identify these invisible shoppers, how lead closing ratios may differ drastically based on their behaviors and how you can better weight these ROI inputs for sales sourced to your website. Attendees will walk away with a clearer understanding of how the delicate digital car shopping eco-system works together and how to manipulate that eco-system in your favor.


Through in-depth research and data science, we have uncovered a world of invisible online car shoppers:

  • We intend to share data from this original research as well as a breakdown of different dealer website shopper profiles to better understand who’s on dealers’ websites, how they’re getting there and what actions they’re taking once they arrive.
  • We will also break out used-car shoppers specifically to show the differences between behaviors of used and new shoppers.