As an industry, we rely on price reductions, usually at schedule milestones, to drive sales. We will show you why this margin killing strategy doesn’t work. This workshop will identify proactive inventory sales strategies that will increase profitability, increase turn and manage risk —  on even the most stubborn units. Learn to relieve your dealership’s margin compression by avoiding price markdowns and instead, utilize market data to identify the most profitable price point for every unit. Reconsider the promotional efforts that are driving demand, and begin making more informed and strategic inventory decisions without sacrificing well-deserved profit.

The session will benefit any decision maker within an automotive dealership that has a role in and/or benefits from marketing promotion and vehicle sales.


  • Identify the specific factors contributing to a vehicle’s slow movement.
  • Monitor market and dealership metrics to assess the health of your inventory.
  • Make the most profitable promotion choices for a vehicle without resorting to markdowns.