Waste not, want not. Lenders get real about where to focus resources for measurable improvements in servicing, collections, recovery and risk mitigation cycles.

Just when you think you have the perfect mix of strategies and workflows to manage your portfolio, the game changes. Market conditions, management directives and the complexities of regulatory issues force a harder look at risk mitigation strategies and challenge lenders to examine the real impact of overall efficiencies in servicing, delinquency and risk mitigation cycles. This session focuses on practical, firsthand insight from other lending experts on how to implement new strategies and products, reduce FTE hours, and capture income you might currently be overlooking.


  • Hear first-hand stories from lending experts on what works for their businesses
  • Evaluate the strategies and data that work to increase business efficiencies
  • Identify proven best practices on how lenders can be more efficient and data driven
  • Pinpoint areas of waste dollars to improve lifecycle and portfolio management
  • Discuss industry trends as we look ahead to 2020