Join us as we cut through the noise and create a path on our ‘I’ Way to ensure your UCM is the best in your market!

  1. Indestructible Learner — Knowing the best tools and tactics to strengthen your department your managers and your teams through better usage of tech and data to drive your business farther, faster.
  2. Inventory Ninja — Step into a world of new paths to the right inventory at the right price, and attract new customers.
  3. Internet Expertise — Call it Online Retailing, call it digital marketing plus so much social media… today’s UCMs need a Master’s in web-based commerce and customers to truly dominate their market. We’ll get you critical highlights to help.
  4. Influential Partner — UCMs benefit from targeted coaching to create and deliver important messages more effectively to the dealer and other department
  5. Inspiring Leadership — Team building has never been more important. Today’s workforce requires some old and many new approaches. We’ll work on attracting the talent by becoming more attractive!
  6. Impact to the Dealership — Raise the bar on people, processes and performance…and profitability, and raise your impact to the store.
  7. Increase Visibility for Promotion — Why let the NCM be the next GSM or GM? Be ready; get ready for the next leap in your career.

Your career matters! This unique workshop is designed exclusively to further your impact (or your UCM) and influence at your store…and beyond. We will take immediate action in this session to set the stage for your success as a UCM leader in your department, in your store, and the automotive community at large! It’s nearly 2020. Time to focus on your future success.