Traditionally, dealers have been slow to adopt new technologies that may impact profitability, and reluctant to evolve their sales and finance process. There continues to be significant friction in the negotiation and finance steps of the buying journey. Digital retailing solutions are making a difference but less-than-advanced digital finance tools are hindering its potential. This session explores changing when and how shoppers are introduced to qualified payment information and dealership financing options, online and in-store. The result is a faster-moving deal-flow that sells more cars at higher profits in less time, benefitting dealers, lenders and consumers.


  • Understand the limitations of your current digital retailing solutions and the unintended consequences of establishing inaccurate and misleading payment expectations.
  • Learn how starting sales and finance at the same time can have significant positive impacts on profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Discover that you don’t have to choose between offering high levels of transparency and profitability. Learn specific tactics that enable you to maximize both.