In a data dump, slump? You’re not alone. Data is hard to consume, especially when the lender network is processing roughly 500k updates daily from the agent community. Inefficiencies or lack of knowledge and know-how can cause the loss of activity, vehicles, and time of recovery.

In this session, lenders and repossession agents will learn how to convert the data they submit/receive into actionable information that will help their businesses run smoother, faster, and more efficiently. Software-as-a-Service is a valuable resource available to both the agent and lender network and when the two work together they can both benefit greatly from deep, incisive analytics.

Find out best practices to transform data, increase operational efficiency and compliance management, while at the same time providing full security and transparency.


  • Provide industry solutions to address pain points lenders experience with repossessions and recoveries.
  • Show examples of how data can be used to improve recovery performance, decrease repossession cycle times, and benchmark performance.
  • Simplify