Digital retailing is one of the hottest technology topics in the auto industry right now. Where does fintech fit in to the online path-to-purchase? This session will deep dive into the two digital retailing paths, Credit first vs credit last. Topics include, How do they two paths compare, what are the advantages and disadvantages, the consumer experience factor, soft pull credit bureau solutions, compliance and how OEMs are affecting the process. Dealers, OEMs, lenders, credit bureaus, and technology providers are all jockeying for a winning position. Place your bets, and get ready for a spirited interactive discussion from session attendees.


  • Attendees will gain an extensive understanding of the critical role customer credit plays and where in the digital retailing sales process it has the most impact.
  • Lenders will learn how Credit First vs. Credit Last equates to higher look-to-book ratios, lower credit application costs, improved portfolio performance, expanded dealer network and increased market share.
  • Attendees will learn and discuss why creating a personalized shopping experience is critical to conversion. We’ll debate privacy vs personalization vs transparency.

An open discussion among attendees based on their own personal experiences is encouraged.