This highly informative and engaging session will help dealers improve their inventory management, pricing processes, and recon processes. Attendees will also learn the key tactics and strategies that improve used-car marketing while including the best ways to stop wasted ad spend. Dealers will get actionable take-aways and valuable resources to continuously improve their dealership results. Learn about the real-world activities that helped a dealership become the #1 independent used-car store in the U.S. for three years in a row!


  • Inventory pricings & selection best practices
  • How to build transparency & trust with your marketing
  • How to prevent unforced errors
  • How to remove wasted ad spend
  • How to improve front-line ready processes
  • How to get more creative sourcing vehicles
  • Ways to improve vehicle aging policy processes
  • Building more disciplined acquisition processes
  • How to use marketing automation to your advantage