It’s no secret that buzzwords and empty “corporate speak” have been unfortunate staples of the sales and marketing landscape for as long as we can remember.  The automotive, fintech and auto finance industries have certainly not been immune to this phenomenon, and a recent explosion of new technologies and services may be making it worse.

With countless research studies proving that individuals overwhelmingly prefer authentic, genuine and easy-to-understand language, along with numerous articles from many of the world’s most respected media outlets virtually pleading with people to avoid corporate speak at all costs, why do so many brands continue down this path?

This session will discuss how to transition your brand’s messaging from overly promotional, jargony and often unintelligible, to relevant, authentic and meaningful…all with an eye towards improving your brand’s perception and supporting your sales function.


  • Why is authenticity so important today?
  • Case studies of brands doing it right
  • How to get marketing and sales people to speak the same language
  • How to effectively use storytelling in sales and marketing