More dealers than ever are using digital tools to buy wholesale inventory, as these channels are packed with time- and money-saving efficiencies. However, some dealers are still timid about buying used vehicles without kicking the tires. The good news for these dealers is that today’s digital channels offers numerous tools and protections, from advanced imaging and disclosures to a range of purchase protection options that can help them buy vehicles more confidently. In this workshop, dealers will learn about the latest enhancements in digital wholesale channels and gain an in-depth understanding of the differences between the myriad of post-sale protection solutions.


  • Identify digital advancements in the wholesale landscape that can help dealers increase their margins by making smarter buying decisions
  • Educate dealers on ways they can add a layer of protection to purchasing vehicles sight unseen
  • Empower dealers to transact with greater speed and efficiency through more
  • informed acquisition strategies