When we consider the number of miles traveled today, those are dominated by personally-owned vehicles versus vehicles owned by fleet companies transporting both people and goods. However, as more shared mobility options like ride-hailing, car-sharing and car subscriptions gain traction, the proportion of miles traveled will shift dramatically, resulting in significant increases in miles per vehicle. Alex Fraser, AVP of Pivet for Cox Automotive Mobility, will explore the shift from ownership to access and how service is being delivered in new ways — at the car, near the car and away from the car —  to accommodate the deployment of high-utilization commercial fleets.


  • Review the current and future mobility fleet services solutions designed to keep up with the growing on-demand economy of shared vehicles being utilized for ride-hailing, car-sharing, car subscriptions and more.
  • Discuss new business models and strategies for growth, blending the latest technologies with highly efficient reconditioning services.