Coming into a new-vehicle sales downturn, historically dealers focusing on the growth of used-car sales and fixed operations revenues survived and prospered. Today however, by actively pursuing the temporary and then-permanent sales and service needs of the gig economy and ride-share drivers, dealers today are already experiencing explosive sales and service-dollar growth ahead of the pack — and ahead of the downturn. This workshop will show you how to latch onto this rocket-for-revenues by giving you real-life examples of those dealers who are grabbing this market share today.

  • Outline the latest projected explosive growth forecast in revenue, market capitalization and new-vehicle sales and service requirements that ride sharing and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providers are expected to achieve over the next five years.
  • Identify and give examples of how dealerships, today, are recession proofing their businesses by leveraging and latching onto these gig economy ride-share drivers, multiplying used-vehicle sales and fixed operations dollars.
  • Provide an easy, step-by-step business case and plan of action for creating and being identified as an industry leading full-service provider for all shared mobility needs.
  • See how catering to the low hanging fruit of supplying temporary vehicles to ride-share drivers with a path-to-ownership not only grows used-vehicle and sales and service, but provides the knowledge base and tools for a dealer to profitably create their own used-vehicle subscription business customized to their own geographic area and clientele.