Continuing a conversation from a well attended session last year. This conversation will be focused on mining data pools for actionable intelligence. As a panel presentation, representatives of innovative transportation, repossession and analytics organizations will present data and examples of segmented success. Examples will include the lowest value vehicles (negative equity units) that our company handles, to the higher value units represented at wholesale auction. This discussion will take a look at asset pools by segment rather than a whole, to identify transportation, valuation and remarketing opportunities.


  • Repossession information is generally siloed and not shared with remarketers. Transportation decisions are sometimes made before asset evaluation and channel selection. Repo data, photos and condition reports at the time of repossession allow for critical decisions to be made regarding the disposition of the vehicle. We have millions of data points on these transactions and have tracked this conversation in our Wreckonomics series.
  • Artificial Intelligence isn’t an automatic fix; we need to be asking the right questions of our data, and we need to be grabbing and examining all the pools of data in real time. Any organization reluctant to share their data and discoveries are going to be stuck behind the collective intelligence of the crowd.
  • Real-world examples of innovative programs represented by experienced entrepreneurs and technologists.