It’s no longer a question of “if”, or even “when” the wholesale industry will “go digital” it’s now a question of “how” and what it means to YOU.  With digital sales nearing 50%, the remarketing industry is using technology to bridge the in-lane and online experiences. From moving away from a “Sale Day” mentality to creating a seamless, 24/7 marketplace across physical and digital spaces, change is rampant in the auction landscape. As we drive toward this new future, some questions arise:

  • Will we be able to bring the confidence and trust of the physical auction to a digital experience?
  • What digital auction capabilities do we need to ensure vibrant bidding and price discovery?
  • How will artificial intelligence create a more personalized and efficient experience?
  • And ultimately, what does all of this mean to YOU?

The answers to these questions will be discussed, along with how these insights can help you improve your own digital remarketing strategy.


  • Provide a view of the key challenges and opportunities in driving more engagement in digital remarketing
  • Discuss the critical elements required to succeed in this new digital landscape
  • Share how these elements can help you drive profitability