Used Car Week Recorded Sessions

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Key Tactics to Compete and Win in Today’s Marketplace

Today’s car buyer is more empowered than ever before, with information wherever they go. Understand the pain points of today’s evolving car buyer, identify disconnect between the online and offline process, and examine the tactics top dealers are using to outperform their competition. This session was led by Kerri Wise, VP of Dealer Marketing for TrueCar.

The New Landscape of Vehicle Sourcing

Finding vehicles may be less of a challenge as the market is flooded with off-lease units, but finding the RIGHT vehicles in targeted ways, using the existing and emerging tools and technologies can still be tricky. Watch sourcing executives discuss the best ways to find the right vehicles and making the most of the tools available to help with vehicle sourcing. Moderated by Joe Overby and featuring Keith Crerar, Mike Goicoechea, John Manganaro, and Majd Saboura.

Used Vehicle Values: Our History Tells Us Our Future

Where are the values of soon-to-be-used vehicles headed? What does this mean for the market? How can we better predict the future by analyzing the past? Those questions and how J.D. Power’s analytics will provide market insight are addressed by J.D. Power’s Jonathan Banks, VP of Vehicle Analysis and Analytics, and Larry Dixon, Senior Manager of Market Intelligence.

The Role of Technology in the Consumer Experience

Does your strategy address the diversity of consumers’ needs and provide a compelling experience? Build an integrated experience with technologies that best suit your organization’s individual strategies and provide customers with the end-to-end journey they are looking for. Presented by Todd Mason, Chief Strategy Officer at RouteOne.

Dealer Financing Panel

Dealer financing not only allows dealers to thrive and grow, but also can serve as the foundation for a strong relationship between the dealer and the finance company (crucial when times get tough). Learn how financing sources can gain a competitive advantage with dealer financing and how this impacts retail financing opportunities. Moderated by Marguerite Watanabe and featuring Eric Hurst, Joe Keadle, Jack Crowley, and Anne Kline.

AFSA Legislative and Regulatory Update

From Used Car Week 2015. Chris Stinebert, president of AFSA, focused on the issues facing finance sources in Congress and state legislatures including a comprehensive review of enforcement actions taken and anticipated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and how these changes will impact operations.