Join the former auto finance vertical leader from Equifax, the head of recovery at TD Auto Finance and the founder of masterQueue as they discuss the opportunities and challenges facing auto finance industry lenders and their third party vendors as we move into 2020.
In this session we uncover never-before-seen research on public facing vehicle condition reports and why consumers are obsessing over them. Additionally, we will cover some fascinating trends on the used car market with Cross-Sell data and explain where the tide is changing. Learn why consumers are so obsessed with condition reports and how to capitalize
Over the past year, insights have been shared by Marguerite Watanabe on the evolving fintech marketplace with a focus first on the fintech providers and their value propositions and next with the gaps from a consumer’s viewpoint. This presentation will focus on the challenges and opportunities from the captives, banks and non-prime auto finance company perspective.
Economists and other experts are trying to get a reading on whether a recession is on the horizon, and with it the possibility of a slowdown that could include job losses and an increase in repossessions. How are firms prepared for a potential rise in repossessions after overall levels have remained somewhat steady for several
Learn how to optimize both performance and compliance in 2020. The key to success for large, national, high-volume lenders today is having vendor-partners who can provide a comprehensive solution: delivering top performance and highest compliance standards at the same time. This means working with national providers who maximize loss recovery, while also meeting rigorous compliance
Fintech. Digital retailing. Omnichannel sales and finance experiences. These are just some of the trends and technology changing the face of the auto-finance industry — from subprime to super prime. What do dealers, lenders, auto finance execs, tech providers and more players in the finance industry need to know to head into a new decade?
Conference Welcome by Dave Underdale, Executive Vice President, Allied Solutions Auto Finance Executive of the Year Award Presentation, sponsored by Black Book
The used market has been red hot recently, and it continues to provide profit significant opportunities at retail.  Investments from manufacturers, lenders, franchised dealers, and non-traditional challengers make this a complex but lucrative marketplace.  This session will include a state of the market overview, current trends, and the benefits and opportunities related to both Used