In this session, learn what kind of shoppers are visiting your website, what activities they are performing and where they are coming from. Through proprietary event tracking technology, we have uncovered a world of invisible shoppers who are not showing up in your CRM systems, but are 4x more likely to buy a vehicle from
August 30, 2019
This presentation will share why vehicle dealers are in the best position to profit from the ‘on-demand’ transportation industry. Dealers already have the infrastructure and resources to serve this industry best while earning revenue from vehicle rentals, sales and service opportunities. The rideshare and goods delivery transportation industry is still in its infancy and the
Warning: This presentation isn’t about margin compression, digital retailing, artificial intelligence or other buzzwords. Learn how to deal with the 85% of customers that will never become a lead. Takeaways: Consumers’ path to purchase is not linear. Market data is key to sharing and leveraging information with the consumer. Dealers’ top priority should be investing in and
Discuss the changes in the auction business over the past 10 years. What is important to consider now and into the foreseeable future? Takeaways: The influence technology is having. The need for more focus on compliance. How safety has become an important issue. The values that auctions can focus on to keep themselves healthy
Explore the next horizon of the wholesale auto remarketing process. Where will you be selling and buying your vehicles next? Explore the potential of the next decade of wholesale technology with execs from leading companies at the edge of wholesale potential.
More dealers than ever are using digital tools to buy wholesale inventory, as these channels are packed with time- and money-saving efficiencies. However, some dealers are still timid about buying used vehicles without kicking the tires. The good news for these dealers is that today’s digital channels offers numerous tools and protections, from advanced imaging
You will walk away from this session with real world best practices to run a profitable Used Car Department. We will cover the complete process – from acquiring inventory, through the reconditioning process, to pricing and listing your inventory online – as well as, how to manage aging inventory and minimizing wholesale loss. No nonsense.
As an industry, we rely on price reductions, usually at schedule milestones, to drive sales. We will show you why this margin killing strategy doesn’t work. This workshop will identify proactive inventory sales strategies that will increase profitability, increase turn and manage risk —  on even the most stubborn units. Learn to relieve your dealership’s