Read a Certificate of Insurance in a new light. Learn to sort fact from fiction when it comes to the information provided on a Certificate of Insurance and why it is important for you to know the difference. Takeaways: Best Practices for certificates of insurance Identify the red flags on a certificate of Insurance Obtain
The repossession industry continues to evolve with new technologies, heightened security and compliance requirements, and innovative tools to help perform recoveries more efficiently. This workshop will take a deep dive into these trends, looking back at some of the biggest moves over the past year and forecasting what’s to come. We’ll also share insights into
In a data dump, slump? You’re not alone. Data is hard to consume, especially when the lender network is processing roughly 500k updates daily from the agent community. Inefficiencies or lack of knowledge and know-how can cause the loss of activity, vehicles, and time of recovery. In this session, lenders and repossession agents will learn
You may not know what the regulators are looking for in your repossession and product cancellation operations. This session will help you answer that question. Takeaways:  What is the guidance – State and CFPB? How do you operationalize the process in a few meaningful steps as possible? What about deficiency letters, military checks? The chain
In last year’s Popcorn Report, Dave Kennedy gave everyone a strategic look ahead into 2019 and what he expected would happen across the loss mitigation industry from a recovery perspective.  Well, a year later, we can tell that his popcorn popping skills are pretty good as nearly every single prediction came true. In this year’s
This workshop will be sharing insights into how the auto-finance industry is facing the challenges of regulatory compliance, leveraging emerging technologies and addressing increases in service-level requirements for suppliers through the use of business analytics and software solutions. The session will also discuss how companies can gain efficiencies when repossessing and liquidating vehicles without compromising