Takata Corp.  put defective, potentially deadly airbags in seventy million vehicles in the United States before it went bankrupt and left consumers and industry to clean up the mess.  Learn about the OEMs’ next wave of recalls and their uneven progress in completing repairs.  Sellers should understand their responsibilities and potential liabilities, moral and legal,
AutoIMS will host an interactive discussion and provide an update about the hot topic of scorecards and analytics for consignors and auctions. We’ll get hands on with industry-level data and brainstorm about improvements to existing tools and data needs now and in the future. Takeaways: A recap of IARA and AutoIMS efforts so far to
August 22, 2019
The vehicles we drive today are among the most sophisticated technologies we operate. As new technologies and processes emerge for autonomous operation, ride-sharing, fleet management, and remarketing options, protecting your mobility intellectual property (IP) is paramount to success in the industry. This session will feature a dynamic discussion on how to identify and protect IP
Dive into the newly coined fair servicing term within the auto lending industry. Through the identification of “fairness” regulations like ECOA, FDCPA, UDAP & UDAAP, FCRA. We will discuss the risks for fair treatment during post origination activities. Provide examples of complaints and social media complaints and best practices. Wrapping up we will take a
Continuing a conversation from a well attended session last year. This conversation will be focused on mining data pools for actionable intelligence. As a panel presentation, representatives of innovative transportation, repossession and analytics organizations will present data and examples of segmented success. Examples will include the lowest value vehicles (negative equity units) that our company
With auto lending volume at an all-time high, many lenders and servicers are turning to AI tools to streamline and enhance collections and customer service efforts. From the use of intelligent virtual assistants to handle more simple customer interactions or sophisticated conversation analytics software to gain actionable business intelligence, to custom SaaS collection software to
Compliance oversight continues to affect the way delinquent accounts are handled all the way through to repossession. Many still have not placed an emphasis on solidifying their infrastructure to reduce their business unit risk. Have you done everything you can to reduce your risk? Join this panel of diverse perspectives from a lender, forwarder and a
The key to optimizing the return on repossession activities is to create a truly competitive environment between the lender’s repossession management vendors. Developing and consistently applying a comprehensive performance scorecard is critical to the process. There are many considerations in developing such a score card. This session will examine a wide range of different approaches