Takata Corp. put defective, potentially deadly airbags in seventy million vehicles in the United States before it went bankrupt and left consumers and industry to clean up the mess. Learn about the OEMs’ next wave of recalls and their uneven progress in completing repairs. Sellers should understand their responsibilities and potential liabilities, moral and legal,
The automotive wholesale marketplace is broad and continues to expand into a national and global marketplace. While this expansion increases access to inventory, it can complicate finding the right inventory, frustrating buyers and slowing the sales process for sellers. In this session, Joe Oliveri, Vice President of Data as a Service at KAR, will examine
Change is a constant, but big-tech and disruption can spawn new business models and create opportunity for established players. In this session, AuctionEdge execs will look at how different businesses — large, small, and across industries — are thriving in a data-driven world by leveraging brick and mortar, investing in people, and yes, technology. This
Many auto lenders, often helped by FICO, are deploying increasingly advanced AI engines to discover more effective pricing and collections strategies.This session will give an overview of the most promising emerging techniques as well as the benefits that can be expected by embracing AI. Takeaways: Where and how AI can be applied to improve auto
Auto lending volume is at an all-time high, and many lenders and servicers are turning to AI tools to streamline and enhance collections. AI provides efficiencies without sacrificing personalization. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increased revenue. It’s clear that AI is becoming necessity in auto finance loan servicing due to the industry’s explosive growth
Traditionally, dealers have been slow to adopt new technologies that may impact profitability, and reluctant to evolve their sales and finance process. There continues to be significant friction in the negotiation and finance steps of the buying journey. Digital retailing solutions are making a difference but less-than-advanced digital finance tools are hindering its potential. This
Digital retailing is one of the hottest technology topics in the auto industry right now. Where does fintech fit in to the online path-to-purchase? This session will deep dive into the two digital retailing paths, Credit first vs credit last. Topics include, How do they two paths compare, what are the advantages and disadvantages, the
The National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association is the only trade association exclusively servicing the interests of non-prime automotive lenders. Established 23 years ago, the NAF continues to change and grow and keep pace with the market and lender needs. Join us as we read out highlights from our annual lender benchmarking report, and a recent