This highly informative and engaging session will help dealers improve their inventory management, pricing processes, and recon processes. Attendees will also learn the key tactics and strategies that improve used-car marketing while including the best ways to stop wasted ad spend. Dealers will get actionable take-aways and valuable resources to continuously improve their dealership results.
Join us as we cut through the noise and create a path on our ‘I’ Way to ensure your UCM is the best in your market! Indestructible Learner — Knowing the best tools and tactics to strengthen your department your managers and your teams through better usage of tech and data to drive your business
August 22, 2019
Hear from James Boening: servant leader, GM, Dealer Principal, Entrepreneur, Host, Author, Speaker and Founder. Retrain your thought process on how you define gross for pre-owned cars. Set a culture in place that is completely unorthodox pertaining to pay and get linear focus on CPO. Takeaways: Retrain your thought process. Focus on CPO. Get all
How to manage your inventory from cradle to grave in six steps. According to a recent study, the DIY world is expected to be worth north of $13.9 billion by 2021. This phenomenon is being embraced across the U.S. because it gives people the opportunity to be creative and proudly share their creations online, all
Consumers appreciate Amazon because Amazon listens and delivers. The auto industry, however, ignores the experience today’s car buyers want. We offer a challenging and confusing trade-in process. We reskin old processes instead of implementing new processes that make customers happy. We generate leads instead of creating an exceptional customer experience. Yes, adaptation is challenging when you
Whether you are part of an OEM or working in a dealership, you are spending money, time and effort trying to find the next best thing to drive your CPO business. A key lies in being able to maintain CPO processes and performance through turnover at the OEM and retail level. We have found the
You will walk away from this session with real world best practices to run a profitable Used Car Department. We will cover the complete process – from acquiring inventory, through the reconditioning process, to pricing and listing your inventory online – as well as, how to manage aging inventory and minimizing wholesale loss. No nonsense.
You can’t always out-inventory your competition. You can’t always out-advertise them or out-facility them. And if you play in the “price race” and you win the race to the bottom – you STILL lose! It’s a competitive and ever-changing marketplace, and the most effective and profitable strategy is to out-experience your competition by creating customer-centric
As an industry, we rely on price reductions, usually at schedule milestones, to drive sales. We will show you why this margin killing strategy doesn’t work. This workshop will identify proactive inventory sales strategies that will increase profitability, increase turn and manage risk —  on even the most stubborn units. Learn to relieve your dealership’s