October 10, 2019
Stop by the ACV Auctions PitStop and get to know the fastest growing auction in the nation for some food, drinks and fun on the patio at the T-Bones Chophouse!
In celebration of the National Remarketing Conference’s 20th Anniversary, the team at Used Car Week has planned Toast to 20 celebration to end UCW 2019. This reception and celebration will serve to close out the 20th NRC, sponsored by SmartAuction. What were YOU were doing 20 years ago, as Ron Smith, the founder of Auto Remarketing
It’s no longer a question of “if”, or even “when” the wholesale industry will “go digital” it’s now a question of “how” and what it means to YOU.  With digital sales nearing 50%, the remarketing industry is using technology to bridge the in-lane and online experiences. From moving away from a “Sale Day” mentality to creating a seamless, 24/7
The best way to attract, retain and exceed the needs of buyers is to understand what they need to be successful. When your buyer base is healthy and your market competitive, vehicle sales and auctions simply perform better. IAA has made it a priority to understand buyer preferences including what they want out of an
The automotive industry has begun launching subscription services. And ride-sharing services continue to change the remarketing and fleet world for both buyers and sellers. Hear experts from across the consignor and auto-retail industries discuss the latest pivots in the remarketing world. Takeaways: Explore opportunities stemming from the subscription and ride-sharing industry for remarketing. What are
This year’s Women in Remarketing panel discussion celebrates a decade of recognizing excellence across the remarketing industry. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Women in Remarketing, a program that has evolved into a celebrated franchise of Auto Remarketing and a key pillar of the National Remarketing Conference. Are you a future remarketing leader? Come
An engaging fireside chat featuring two of the most respected names in the auto-auction industry.  A conversation focused on the changing auto remarketing landscape — and how and where independent auto auctions are innovating with creative business strategies to meet the challenges of a new day.
Online auctions are becoming even more advanced and efficient. Wholesale giants are launching all-digital auctions, mitigating safety challenges, among additional benefits. And new technology is making it easier to buy and sell wholesale vehicles online — and in the physical auction lanes. Take a look at the newest technology fueling the auction industry from leaders
Both dealers and consignors discuss the possibilities of alternative avenues for remarketing vehicles, such as upstream, white-label and online auctions. Discuss with some of the best in the biz new strategies for remarketing at physical auctions, as well, like the virtual/digital-only lanes popping up across the industry. Explore specialized or niche sales, which can help
Since the development of the first automobile, people have had big ideas that spawned from the elaborate to the unattainable—with a generous dose of inspiration from science fiction. And as revolutionary as that first automobile more than a century ago—today’s options just might have tested the limits of our imaginations. So, is the future now?