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About Used Car Week

Pre-Owned Con

Pre-Owned Con will present dealers the tools they need to get more used metal rolling over the curb. From leveraging certified pre-owned programs to help cultivate relationships starting at the store website to the finance office to the service drive, Pre-Owned Con presents the intelligence retailers need to be have a more successful used-vehicle business.

Auto Fin Con

To help finance companies gather the best paper available for their portfolios, experts and industry leaders will be filling Auto Fin Con with discussions about the latest trends and tools to improve metrics with each passing vintage. Strategy involving fintech, investments and more will be shared to help finance company departments from marketing to underwriting.

Repo Con

Collaboration to make repossessions and recovery more compliant, safe and successful is needed more than ever. During Repo Con, industry veterans will be on hand for conversations about how what might be considered old-school methods for collections and skip-tracing can be combined with new technology to mitigate risk.


The National Remarketing Conference, at its core, thrives on providing a forum of analysis, education and discussion that moves the wholesale auto industry forward.

We ask the tough questions and examine the most pressing business developments that impact vehicle consignors, brick-and-mortar auto auctions, online auctions, technology/service providers and all stakeholders in the remarketing industry.

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